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Introducing the versatile Oasis crochet floor rug, designed to meet both your aesthetic and functional needs of any modern home. This round rug, features a beautiful textured pattern and adds a touch of elegance to any room.

Its unique design includes an extension option, allowing you to create a larger rug to perfectly fit your space.

White crochet floor rug next to a chair and table.

Crochet the smaller Oasis rug for use as a bath mat, providing a comfortable and stylish addition to your bathroom decor.

Some one standing on a crochet bath mat.

Or crochet the larger Oasis + Extension for use in any other room in your home.

Crochet floor rug next to chair and coffee table.

Table of Contents

Crochet floor rug in front of chair.

Cord Requirements

Hands holding Bobbiny crochet cord.

Bobbiny Junior 3 mm Cotton Cord

Braided cotton cord

Category 5/Bulky/Craft/Rug/12 ply

1200 m (1313 yd)


1, 2, or 3 strands of other yarn held together. Click here for Yarn Substitutions.

Cord Substitution

This rug can be crocheted using the cord listed above or another braided cotton cord such as Chunky Yarn Barn’s Matilda 3 mm cotton cord.

The main reasons I use braided cotton cord are:

  • Great Stitch Definition: Cotton yarn or cord is smooth without any ‘fuzz’ or pilling once used.

  • Absorbent: Making it ideal for bath mats.

  • Washable: Cotton rugs can be easily machine or hand washed.

However, I understand that this cord may not be suitable for everyone. So I have designed it to be crocheted using just about any yarn and any fibre. Whenever substituting the yarn, aim for the number of strands that will result in a thickness equivalent to a Bulky/Chunky/Craft/Rug/12 ply. This will create a rug that is a practical size.

For example:

1 strand of Bulky/Chunky/Craft/Rug/12 ply, or

2 strands of Worsted/Afghan/Aran/10 ply, or

3 strands of DK/Light Worsted/8 ply.

Alter hook size as needed.

For a list of 20+ substitutes, including 1, 2 and 3 strands, please click here.

You can read more about choosing the Best Yarn for Your Crochet Rug in this blog post.

Crochet Hook

6 mm (US J/10)

Or size to obtain gauge.

Red and yellow crochet hooks.

Gauge and Finished Size

The diameter at the widest part of the rug at the end of Round 10 should be 35 cm (14 in).

As long as the gauge at R10 is achieved, your rug will be 120 cm (47 in) when finished.

In order to obtain the correct gauge you may need to change your hook size or alter your tension.

The size of your rug at R10 is an indicator of the finished size. If your rug is larger at R10 than listed above, the finished size will be larger than listed. If your rug is smaller at R10, the finished size will be smaller.

While obtaining gauge isn’t essential for successfully completing the rug, doing so will increase the likelihood that you’ll have enough cord or yarn to finish the project.

Crochet floor rug next to a chair and coffee table.

Printable Crochet Pattern

Separate UK and US stitch versions included


Hey there crochet enthusiast! 

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Learn the Crochet Abbreviations used in this pattern.

Learn How To Read a Floornament Crochet Pattern. This post includes Abbreviations, Symbols and Notes about reading this crochet pattern.

Learn How To Crochet a Larger Rug.

Well done!! Now you can find the perfect place for your Floornament in your home and enjoy it every single day!

I hope you have enjoyed crocheting the Oasis rug as much as I did designing it.

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Happy crocheting!

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