Modern, textured crochet floor rug patterns for the passionate crocheter.

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Floornament is the home of my crochet floor rug patterns. I hope you’ll stay a while and look around.

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A floornament, or floor ornament, is a decorative and practical crochet floor rug that enhances the look and feel of a room.

Yes! Crochet floor rugs are a great way to add a personal touch to your home décor while creating a practical and functional addition to your home.

Braided cotton cord is an ideal choice due to its firmness and weight, which helps to maintain the rug’s neat appearance without requiring frequent adjustments. In addition, the cord showcases the rug’s texture.

Braided cotton cord is also a durable material that can withstand regular foot traffic, while still being soft and gentle on the skin.

Its absorbency makes it well-suited for use as a bath mat and it is easy to clean either by machine or hand washing.

To read more about the best yarn for a crochet rug click here >

Yes! I’ve cleaned my braided cotton cord floor rugs many times using my washing machine, and they still look fantastic!

However, the outcome may vary depending on the materials you use and your washing machine’s specifications. To be safe, I suggest checking the labels on the cord/yarn and your washing machine’s instructions before attempting to clean them. If you’re uncertain, it’s always better to handwash the rugs instead. I do not recommend machine drying them; instead, let them dry flat in the shade.

The two primary methods that I use to prevent floor rugs from slipping on hard surfaces is to either apply an anti-skid rug spray to the back of the rug, or to place a non-slip rug mat (sometimes called shelf liner) underneath it, which can be trimmed to fit the rug’s size.

Yes! A crochet floor rug can offer improved sound absorption properties, reducing echo and improving the acoustics of your space. This can be particularly beneficial in rooms with hard flooring or high ceilings, helping to create a more peaceful and pleasant environment for conversations, music, or other activities.

No. Since I am only able to provide assistance to English-speaking customers, I choose to offer my patterns exclusively in English.

No. Creating neat, high-quality charts for the types of designs I make is very time-consuming. However, it may be something I offer in the future.

No. The pattern is for personal use only. Uploading the file to any social media accounts or groups is strictly prohibited. Instead, kindly share a link to my Free Pattern page, allowing others to access the pattern for their personal use. Please see the Terms and Conditions for more information.

You can access all the patterns you have previously purchased by clicking on My Account in the menu. Once logged in, you can find all your patterns under the Downloads tab.

The best way to keep a copy of your patterns is to save the files to your computer.