How To Crochet a Larger Floor Rug

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So, you’ve found the perfect crochet floor rug pattern and have the ideal spot in your home for it. But what if you want a larger rug than the pattern suggests and are unsure how to proceed?

No worries, I’m here to help!

To enlarge your floor rug, there are a few methods you can try: use a larger hook, choose chunkier cord or yarn, or combine multiple strands of yarn.

When selecting the best method for your project, there are several factors to consider. Keep reading to learn more about them!

Also, remember that regardless of the method you choose, you’ll need more cord or yarn than the pattern specifies. Just a heads-up!

Table of Contents

Larger Hook Size

The simplest way to crochet a larger rug is by using a larger crochet hook. This will create bigger stitches, increasing the overall size of your rug. Keep in mind that a larger hook may only change the size a small amount, and may affect the stiffness of the rug.

Thicker Cord

Another method of increasing the size of your crochet rug is to use a thicker cord. Although all Floornament rug patterns use 3 mm braided cotton cord, you could also use 4, 5 or even 6 mm cord in order to create a larger rug.

Personally, I find this the best method for crocheting a larger rug because I prefer braided cotton cord for my rugs as outlined in this blog post about the Best Yarn for a Crochet Rug.

There are a few things to consider before deciding if this is a suitable method for upsizing your rug.

  1. The thicker the cord, the more cord you’ll need. How much more cord needed may be difficult to calculate.
  2. The finished rug will be heavier. I have crocheted the Flora rug using 5 mm braided cotton cord and it ended up weighing over 6.5 kg! The same rug using 3 mm braided cord only weighs just over 2 kg. Keep the extra weight in mind when thinking about cleaning and washing your rug.
  3.  Thicker cord may be more difficult to crochet. Thicker cord requires a larger hook size and larger hand, wrist and shoulder movements in order to complete each stitch. Keep this in mind if you have any medical issues with any of these joints. The increased weight and size as you crochet may also make it more difficult to manipulate, especially when you’re getting towards the end of the pattern.

Multiple Strands of Yarn

Using multiple strands of yarn is an excellent method to crochet a larger floor rug. By holding two or more strands together as you work, you effectively double or triple the thickness of your stitches, which helps your rug grow more quickly. This approach not only speeds up the process by creating bulkier stitches but also adds a substantial, cosy texture to your rug.

More strands will require a larger hook size.

For example, use 3 strands of Category 5/Bulky/12 ply yarn instead of 1 strand.

Thicker Yarn

Using thicker yarn is another excellent method for crocheting a larger floor rug. Thicker yarn provides more coverage with each stitch, allowing you to quickly achieve a larger size without significantly altering your pattern. Just remember that with thicker yarn, you might need a larger crochet hook to maintain a smooth and even stitch pattern.

For example, instead of using 3 strands of Category 3/Light/8 ply yarn, try using 3 strands of Category 5/Bulky/12 ply yarn.

Adding More Rows or Rounds

Continuing to add rounds (for circular rugs) or rows (for rectangular rugs) beyond the pattern’s specifications is a straightforward way to create a larger floor rug. This simple technique allows for easy customization of your rug’s dimensions. However, for more intricate designs, such adjustments may demand a level of skill and understanding in crochet pattern design.

This is the method I used for the Oasis and the Oasis Extension floor rug.

Small crochet floor rug compared to large crochet floor rug.

Choosing a Method

It may take some trial and error to find which of these methods suits you best, but that’s all part of the fun!

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