Crochet Abbreviations

Crochet is a delightful craft that brings together yarn, hooks, and creativity. However, like any craft, it has its own set of languages and terminologies that can sometimes feel like a secret code.

One of the key elements in crochet patterns is the use of abbreviations. These shorthand notations streamline instructions, making patterns quicker and easier to follow. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crocheter, familiarising yourself with these abbreviations can significantly enhance your crochet experience. Let’s dive into the most common crochet abbreviations and what they mean!

List of crochet abbreviations.

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Video Stitch Tutorials

If you want to learn any crochet stitches or need a refresher, here are video tutorials for UK and US crochet stitches.

UK Stitch Tutorials

US Stitch Tutorials

UK Crochet Descriptions

Beginner Abbreviations

ch – Chain: This is the foundation stitch for most crochet projects. It’s the loop you create on the hook to start your work.

dc – Double Crochet: This is a basic stitch that creates a small, tight stitch. It’s often used in amigurumi and other projects that require dense fabric.

tr – Treble Crochet: This stitch is taller than a double crochet, giving your work a more open and airy texture. It’s great for making blankets and shawls.

dtr – Double Treble Crochet: This stitch is even taller than the treble crochet, creating a loose and lacy fabric. It’s perfect for garments and shawls.

slst – Slip Stitch: This stitch is used to join rounds or to move from one stitch to another without creating any height.

htr – Half Treble Crochet: This stitch is a happy medium between double and treble crochet, offering a fabric that’s a bit more textured than double crochet but not as airy as treble crochet.

2tog – Crochet Two Together: This decrease stitch reduces the number of stitches, helping to shape your work.


Intermediate Abbreviations

sp – Space: Refers to the gap between stitches where you will insert your hook to create a new stitch.

rnd or round: Indicates that the instructions are to be worked in a continuous circle, typical in amigurumi and hats.

dtr – Double Treble Crochet: This stitch is taller than a treble crochet, creating an even looser and lacier fabric.

BL – Back Loop: A stitch worked in the back loop of the stitch, creating a unique texture and thickness in your fabric.

FL– Front Loop: This technique works in the front loop only, creating a raised texture on the back.


Advanced Abbreviations

BP – Back Post Treble: This stitch involves crocheting around the post of a stitch, giving the fabric a textured, ribbed effect.

FP – Front Post: Similar to back post crochet, this stitch is worked around the front of the stitch post, creating a raised, textured design.

TL – Third Loop Crochet: Crocheting into this loop pushes the front two loops forward, resulting in a distinctive ribbed effect perfect for adding dimension to hats, cuffs, and blankets.


Tips for Mastering Crochet Abbreviations

Use a Cheat Sheet: Keep a handy reference sheet of abbreviations by your side as you work on your projects. It can be a lifesaver, especially when you’re just starting out.

Practice Swatches: Create small swatches to practice different stitches and their abbreviations. This helps you become more familiar with the terms and their execution.

Read Patterns Carefully: Pay attention to the key or legend in your pattern. It will provide you with the abbreviations used and their meanings, ensuring you’re on the right track.

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