BLOOM Crochet Rug Pattern

Introducing the exquisite Hamptons-style crochet floor rug, designed to bring a touch of elegance to your home. This stunning rug features beautifully curved edges, seamlessly blending softness and sophistication.

White crochet floor rug in front of a hall table decorated with Hamptons-style home decor.

Perfect as a statement piece, this rug is ideally placed next to a hall table or in an entryway, instantly enhancing the charm and warmth of your space.  Elevate your Hamptons home decor with this timeless crochet rug.

White crochet floor rug in front of blue pillow.

Table of Contents

Dark blue crochet frug in front of hall table decorated with Hamptons-style decor.

Cord Requirements

Hands holding blue crochet cord.

Chunky Yarn Barn Matilda 3 mm Braided Cotton Cord 

Category 5/Bulky/Craft/Rug/12 ply

900 m (985yd)


1, 2, or 3 strands of other yarn held together.

Cord Substitution

This rug can be crocheted using the cord listed above or another braided cotton cord such as Bobbiny Junior 3 mm cord.

Hands holding natural coloured crochet cord.

It can also be crocheted using just about any yarn and any fibre. Whenever substituting the yarn, aim for the number of strands that will result in a thickness equivalent to a Bulky/Chunky/Craft/Rug/12 ply. This will create a rug that is a practical size.

For example:

1 strand of Bulky/Chunky/Craft/Rug/12 ply, or

2 strands of Worsted/Afghan/Aran/10 ply, or

3 strands of DK/Light Worsted/8 ply.

Alter hook size as needed.

For a list of 20+ yarn substitutes please click here.

Read more about choosing the Best Yarn for Your Crochet Rug.

Blue crochet floor rug in front of Hamptons style hall table.

Crochet Hook

6 mm (US J/10)

Or size to obtain gauge.

Natural and blue crochet cord with a red crochet hook.

Crochet Pattern Features

The Bloom crochet rug pattern is available through Etsy and Ravelry.

Every purchase includes:

  • UK Stitch Version PDF – no conversion needed
  • US Stitch Version PDF – no conversion needed
  • Photos of every round PDF – for visual checking of your crochet
  • Designer Support – help if you need it
Both the UK and US Stitch version PDFs include:
  • Pattern Details – cord quantity, hook size, gauge and finished size
  • Yarn Substitution
  • Stitch Abbreviations and Symbols
  • Special Stitches Instructions
  • Notes on reading the pattern
  • How to Join Cord
  • Pattern Instructions
Start crocheting today to create a beautiful floor rug for your home.
White crochet floor rug in front of a hall table decorated with Hamptons-style home decor.

Printable Crochet Pattern

Separate UK and US stitch versions included

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Free Crochet Rug Pattern

If you’ve never crocheted a floor rug before, I recommend starting with the free Oasis crochet rug pattern

White crochet floor rug next to a chair and table.

Happy crocheting!

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