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Is it a forest? Or is it a snowflake? Whichever way you see the design on this crochet rug you will find it a lovely addition to your home decor.
The snowflake-like texture makes it perfect for a Christmas tree skirt.

Crochet rugs are great anywhere in your home whether it’s a nursery, bedroom, living room, playroom or a special space on its own. They help to reduce noise in rooms with hard flooring as well as add unique, handmade home decor that you’ll love.

This pattern comes in 2 rug sizes. You can make a small rug to use as a bath mat or crochet the extension for a larger rug for other rooms in your home.

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Category 5 / Bulky / Chunky / Craft / Rug / 12 ply

**Pattern includes a link to 20+ yarn substitutions and quantities**


6 mm or 7 mm hook


Small rug: 70 cm (27 in)
Large rug: 120 cm (47 in)
The size is also adjustable depending on the yarn used.

Your pattern purchase includes:
✔ UK and US versions – no conversion needed
✔ Photos of each round for visual confirmation
✔ Gauge at round 10 to check size
✔ Stitch counts of every round
✔ Crochet stitch tutorial videos
✔ Link to 20+ yarn substitutions and quantities
✔ Special stitches instructions
✔ Notes on how to read the pattern
✔ Tabled pattern instructions for easy reference
✔ Help if you need it


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The Bloom Floor Rug pattern is another beautifully designed and written pattern by Andrea. The instructions are clear, with tips and a heads-up if there is an unexpected stitch coming. I am a longtime fan of this wonderful designer, and if you have any questions, she is a click away! 100% recommend, and I will be making more of the rugs on offer.
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I loved working on Orbit. I first made it with a regular cotton, that gives a gorgeous doily. Now to make with macrame yarn. I simply adore this 😍
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I love this floor rug pattern. The instructions are as described and I'm very happy with the result.
Kathy, New Mexico USA
Kathy, New Mexico USA
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I just finished making a rug from your pattern "Splendour". It was an incredible experience. I had never heard of many of the stitches and had never followed a pattern before. I pulled out many stitches and many rows but I finished and I absolutely love the rug. Your instructions were fantastic. Your stitch tutorials were perfect. I learned to not disregard the all important comma. Thank you. I look forward to making more.