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Want to crochet a Floornament floor rug, but want to use a different yarn and don’t know how much to buy? I’m here to help.

I created this floornament crochet rug yarn calculator to save you money when you buy your rug yarn.

Although it does require you to crochet a sample square before buying the total amount of yarn you’ll need, it will save you from spending money on yarn you don’t need, or worse, not buying enough yarn.

This yarn calculator will provide an estimate of how much yarn you will need for a specific Floornament design as well as the option to calculate the cost of the yarn (excluding postage and taxes).

There are 4 steps you need to complete in order to calculate the amount of yarn for your rug.

Step 1: Select your Floornament rug design

Step 2: Select your yarn

Step 3: Crochet a sample square (pattern given)

Step 4: Fill in the yarn calculator information

Here are the items you will need:

  • 100 m of chosen yarn or cord if using 1 or 2 strands, or 120 m if using 3 strands
  • 6- or 7-mm crochet hook
  • Kitchen scales for weighing your sample square

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Metres per ball – see the yarn label or check the manufacturer’s website
  • Grams per ball – see the yarn label
  • Weight of the sample square in grams
  • Yarn Brand and Name (optional)
  • Price per ball (optional)

Step 1: Select Your Floornament Rug Design

Your choice of rug design will depend on the intended location and purpose of your rug.

The floral shape of FloraSplendour and Bloom look lovely in a girls’ room.

Girls crochet rug designs

The basic round shape of Eliana, Orbit, and Oasis + Extension is great for a boy’s room.

Please note that Oasis + Extension is only available after you have signed up to the Floornament email list. Click here to sign up.

Boys crochet rug designs

If you want a rug that can be placed against a wall, couch, or in an entranceway, then Natura is your best choice.

Please note that the calculation for Natura is based on a 6-square motif rug. If you want to crochet it with a different number of motifs the calculator will be inaccurate.

Rectangular crochet floor rug

Step 2: Select Your Yarn

When selecting your yarn or cord, think about which colour you would like to use and which fibre, as well as how many strands.

The colour of the yarn you select may be the most influential factor in deciding which yarn you choose. If you have a particular place you want to display your rug, the colours of the décor may help you decide which colour to use.

If you’re not sure which colour to choose, I recommend choosing a natural, cream, beige or another neutral colour. This will make the rug more versatile if you want to move it to another room and will broaden the available yarn possibilities.

When selecting a yarn fibre, consider the function of the rug and what your priorities are for making the rug. A bath mat will require a cotton yarn so that it absorbs water, while an acrylic yarn is a great choice if your finances are low.

To help you decide which fibre to use for your rug have a read through the Best Yarn For a Crochet Rug blog post.

The number of strands used for your rug will not only make a difference to the amount of yarn needed, but it will also affect the size of your finished rug.

For the sample square, I recommend purchasing:

  • 100 m for 1 strand of 14 ply or 5 mm cord or thicker
  • 100 m for 2 strands of 10 or 12 ply
  • 120 m for 3 strands of 8 ply or thinner

Do not substitute one brand of yarn for another brand, even if the yarn category (thickness) and fibre content are the same. A yarn of the same category with the same fibre content may not have the same weight-to-length ratio as another brand. You need to crochet another sample square in the new yarn and recalculate the amount of yarn needed if you want to change yarn brands.

Please note that T-shirt yarn may have inconsistencies in the length-weight ratio between each ball even if they are the same brand. This will affect the amount of yarn calculated.

Crocheted cotton cord and acrylic yarn

Step 3: Crochet the Sample Square

After selecting your yarn, you will need to crochet a Sample Square using the pattern below.  There is a UK version and a US version available.

Do not substitute the sample square pattern for a different crochet square pattern or the calculated yarn will be inaccurate.

Remember to use the same yarn, number of strands, and hook size that you want to make your rug so that the calculator is accurate. I usually use a 6- or 7-mm hook.

If the sample square size is smaller than 17 cm across then your finished rug will be smaller than the size listed below for 3 mm cotton cord.

If your sample square is bigger than 17 cm, then your finished rug size will be larger than size listed below for 3 mm cotton cord.

If your 2-stranded sample square is too small for the finished size of the rug that you want then you need to crochet the sample square again with 3 strands before calculating the total amount of yarn needed.

Here is a list of Floornament designs and their finished size in 3 mm cotton cord:

  • Adinah – 95 cm
  • Aurora – 126 cm
  • Bloom – 95 cm
  • Eliana – 105 cm
  • Flora – 105 cm
  • Harlo – 95 cm x 68 cm 
  • Natura – 162 cm x 44 cm
  • Oasis – 70 cm
  • Oasis + Extension – 120 cm
  • Orbit – 115 cm
  • Radiance – 90 cm
  • Splendour – 125 cm

Step 4: Fill in the Yarn Calculator

Now that you have crocheted your sample square you can now fill in the Yarn Calculator.

Please keep in mind that this calculator is an estimate of the number of balls needed. In my experience, it over-estimates rather than under-estimates, so keep your purchase receipt and maybe you can return any unopened balls of yarn.

Cost is a big factor in deciding which yarn you will use for your rug; this is why I have included it in the calculator.

If you decide the cost of the yarn is too high, then you will need to go back to step 1 and find another yarn that is more affordable for you. This will require you to crochet another sample square in the new yarn before recalculating the yarn required for your rug.

You can use any currency for the cost field of the calculator. This calculated cost does not include other costs such as postage or taxes.

To send a record of your entries please fill in the email address field.

I would love to hear your feedback on the calculator. Was it accurate? You can contact me here.

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